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Delta Committee - Questions & Answers

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What is the Delta Committee and why was it formed?

In early 2014, the Session started to discuss Phase II of the St. Luke renovation plan.  Phase I began in 2005 and culminated in the renovation of the sanctuary space.  It has been St. Luke’s plan since then to continue the process with additional upgrades and renovation with Phase II.  The Session determined that the needs of the church have changed over last 10 years and that a committee should be formed to address current and future needs to redefine Phase II.  The committee was formed in April, by open invitation, and members include:  Jerry Pavlick (Planning Elder), Pastor Lesley, Cal Christy, Jim Collins, Cindy Pavlick, Todd Schenk, Amy Smith and Rob Stewart.

What approach did the Delta Committee take in redefining Phase II?

The committee used the book the Session and congregation read and discussed last fall, “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations,” as its basis for its work focusing on how to best support: Radial Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Faith Development and Mission and Service. Input on these four areas was gathered from Session, the book review groups, and church committees.

 What are the objectives for each of these four areas?

Radical Hospitality:  To improve the appearance and function of the building, to invite, welcome, receive and care for our visitors and guests so that we can open doors to relationships and foster a sense of belonging.

 Passionate Worship:  To enhance worship space for people gathered to pray, sing, celebrate and listen for God’s word.  “Passionate worship means an extraordinary eagerness to offer the best in worship, honoring God with excellence and with an unusual clarity about the purpose of connecting people to God.”

 Faith DevelopmentProvide comfortable and functional spaces that support St. Luke in offering high quality learning experiences that help people understand scripture, faith and life in the support and nurture of caring relationship.

 Mission and Service:  Improve and enhance functionality of our space, to support mission projects, efforts and ministry to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

What has the committee done so far?

After gathering input, items were discussed in detail and identified as needs and wants. The committee then further refined a list of potential Phase II projects, and then spent the summer of 2014 interviewing 6 Architects and 5 contractors. The committee reported to session and gained Session approval for initial funds, not to exceed $15,000, to select and retain an architect to perform initial consulting and building analysis.  The committee selected 845 Design Group from Lombard as architect.

 Is there a budget for Phase II?

No, part of the process is to receive congregational input to prioritize projects for Phase II before determining a budget.

 What are the next steps?

The committee has conducted an initial meeting with the architect.  We are in process of establishing a project mission statement along with goals and objectives. Meetings will be scheduled later this fall with the congregation to discuss the potential project list and gain further input.

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